A little weird but very relatable

So here we are. You and I. Me and you.

I’m Lizzy Hodcroft – an extroverted introvert, Founder of The Sweet Beet,  Co- Founder of myndr, public speakers and passionate about bringing Mental Health issues to light for Entrepreneurs.shutterstock_606506765

When you find yourself waking up in a Mental Hospital one morning, you don’t exactly feel as though you’ll be successful in life. Success at that point means trying to life a “normal” life. It’s certainly not the type of success I’m trying to achieve now; but regardless, this is the position I found myself in at one point.

And my story is not an anomaly. Without being too forward, I feel that the story I am about to tell you is reflective of so many of us that struggle to find passion in life, an ambition to move forward or where they fit in the world.


And there you have it… I hope it’s, ya know, weirdly relatable.



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