So here we are. You and I. Me and you.

I think we have a tendency to look at successful people and imagine they just sprang out of bed one day, ready to challenge the world and become a leader. But everyone has a history and on a day to day basis, we are all terrified of messing up. Personally, I don’t think these kind of insecurities are shared nearly enough with other women or entrepreneurs. Because we are all trying to be so perfect, we forget how humbling it can be to just be a human being, trying our best and sharing our struggles with others.

For most of my life, starting from around the age of 14, I’ve battled depression, suicide attempts, drugs, anxiety and eating disorders. I’ve had days where I didn’t think I could ever get up again and I’ve had nights where I’ve cried myself to sleep. I’ve worried that maybe I wasn’t good enough for the world that I was born into and I’ve judged myself harder than most other people would ever think to judge me. I also know that I’m not alone in how I have felt and the hardship I have fought against.

I do not claim to have all the answers to become a productive and successful women but I can offer encouragement and support. I am still learning and admit to have my good days and bad but I do believe that I stand as a testament to all that no matter how difficult the path you have chosen may be, you are worth effort, time and patience.

I would like to support entrepreneurs in business by offering to share my own personal story as well as making myself available for mentoring. Often it’s just knowing how to start that can lead us to a journey of a lifetime and I find that most women just need that little bit of encouragement and guidance to feel confident enough to pioneer forward towards our goals. I’m lucky enough to have had the support of Entrepreneurial Spark and have gained plenty of insight into creating business model canvases, business plans, marketing strategies, sales plans, validation of your idea or product, creating traction, preparing for investors, route to market and much more. I’m extremely passionate about sharing what I can with others and find it very rewarding to watch others find confidence for themselves personally and also in business. If there is anyway I can help whether that is through mentoring, sharing my story or putting on seminars, please do not hesitate to contact me.


And there you have it… I hope it’s, ya know, weirdly relatable.



None of the ramblings written in this blog directly reflect onto the views and beliefs of The Sweet Beet Ltd.