It’s the fight that brings you to life

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I know the process is more important that the ending. I realise that there is no point to reading a book if the all the chapters are rushed and painful even if the ending is beautifully thought out.

And I have no issue with crying sometimes. I am not ashamed to have points where I struggle and don’t know what to do next. In fact, it’s almost liberating. It solidifies the fact that I am alive; that I hold passion and feel the focus and commitment to the yearning of progression.

….still though, doesn’t mean it’s easy! And I feel it’s only because I’ve had such a turbulent past and start to life that I can be so “wise” about this now. However, there are so many others that might only being starting to feel the pain of self-doubt for the first time, corrosion of confidence and question who they are.

So in away, I’m a bit like you. I’m hoping not to repeat old clichés and perhaps I can articulate the struggle of not only the start-up business battle but the mental health and wellbeing conflict too. Because when I was at my lowest, I didn’t understand the concept of making goals or changing your life. It just didn’t mean anything to me. The advice honestly could have been given to me in a completely different language and it would have impacted me the same, which was hardly anything.

And only after a few years in recovery and starting my own business have I started to understand why all the whispers of comfort meant nothing to me. I didn’t understand the concept of self-improvement. I didn’t make the connection that finding passion and fulfilment was ultimately the road needed to find yourself. And through finding yourself, the reward was confidence, direction and focus. It was a journey I needed, not a shrink nor a pill. It was the long road of mistakes and disappointment that would ultimately help me to shed my skin and show my true colours.

But it never stops. You will never finish; not until the day your body has given up will we reach total acceptance. It’s the fight that brings you to life.

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