Celebrating the Fuck Up

Last week, I was invited to speak at Fuck Up Nights, an event hosted by Mark Garder in Newcastle. I feel as though the entire night was made for me… an event to inspire and empower other businesses and start ups with our own stories of failures and fuck ups.


Below is a little press release about the night…

Or read the article HERE

North East startups gathered in Newcastle on Thursday (August 16) to share stories about their failures – in the hope of informing and inspiring others taking the entrepreneurial path.

The event, held at the home of arts organisation Ampersand Inventions on Pilgrim Street, saw business leaders discuss professional mistakes ranging from deals gone sour to product recalls.

Lizzy Hodcroft, owner of condiment company The Sweet Beet; Newcastle artist Feliks Culpa; the founder of street fashion brand Tahmina Arts, Tahmina Begum and Wajeeha of Chocolateeha

Lizzy said: “I think it’s really costly to dismiss your mistakes in life and in business. If you ignore them, then your dreams may never become a reality. If you get things right the first time, then it’s probably a fluke.

“By messing up on many occasions, it really did make me who I am today. I was always the black sheep in the family and if anything went wrong the finger would often get pointed at me.”

She added: “I took all of those failures to reflect who I was as a person and couldn’t let them go. This led to a really poor self-image of myself which led to depression, anxiety and drug abuse.”

Speaking further, Lizzy said entrepreneurs should “celebrate our mistakes and the journey we’re all on”.

She continued: Sharing failure is sharing vulnerability, and sharing this can make the strongest human and business connections a person can ever make. It’s painful, but it’s crucial.

“Those who learn from failure will succeed. I’ve learned more about myself this way and I know others in Newcastle and the North East can too.”

The evening formed part of a global movement called F*ckup Nights. It launched in the North East in May, as a fringe event at Newcastle Startup Week.

Jonpaul Kirvan, director at Ampersand Inventions, commented: “We physically re-built this old office space at Commercial Union House without any support or funding whatsoever. There was nothing here, but we had a great vision for it.

“My biggest mistake in business life was the inability to say no and I’ve had many moments in life where businesses I’ve been working for have been ripped off and I’ve ended up not getting paid. But here, we have seven floors that are full of amazing and creative businesses and we have given the power back to the people that work here.”

Jonpaul added: “We support them on all levels and they support us – it’s a true collective and we’re proud to be able to host events like this to allow people to grow together.”

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  1. It was a pleasure to hear you talk @funncle, and look forward to the impact you are going to make raising awareness of mental health and resilience for entrepreneurs, and The Sweet Beet jars were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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