Myndr Update

Many of us in the UK have begun to realise – our crisis is no longer material. Our crisis is existential – meaning more and more of us are seeking guidance and help through the NHS leading to unacceptably long wait times and the thresholds of access being raised. As a result, people’s needs are often left to escalate, leading to deeper crisis and resulting in poor patient outcomes and higher care costs.

The journey to recovery is often lonely and the path to achieving your recovery goals, confusing.

welcome to your movement

Myself and Emma Reilly (my co-founder) would like to introduce you to myndr, a new community and platform that harnesses the power of peer to peer mental health collaboration, offering support to set and break down tasks and goals in a clear, concise way. Myndr takes an already proven therapy method with anonymised goal setting and empowers the flow of ideas and advice which users can tailor to their own needs and desired outcome.

Presently, our focus is pinpointed towards those in the start up, where there is strong evidence that founders often struggle with mental health. We are building our community through collaboration, removing the stigma around failure and offering tools to mitigate and avoid burn out. We ask for a very small monthly fee in exchange for access to our podcasts, blogs, workshops and events.

Unlike other apps that address mood and mental health, myndr understands that tech only helps to facilitate the solution and is not the solution. Tracking mood without an action plan only provides a data set. Chasing goals you don’t actually value stunts your opportunity for self-discovery and real progression towards change.

Myndr will implement machine learning and AI to track, respond and segment every goal and the suggested steps to achieve it, allowing us to essentially create an amazing data set of “how-to” for mental health.

Our team leverages from our own experience with recovery, mental health and the services currently provided, helping us to provide real insight on how to turn what is often just a theory into reality.

I ask for you all to please visit our website and sign up. We are currently looking for people to guest blog about their own experience with mental health and will soon be launching a press campaign in the North East in order to facilitate the growth of our movement!

myndr history infographic sept to oct 19


2019 plan for scale

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