Lizzy Hodcroft is 29 years old and lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne. She describes herself as an introverted extrovert and is the Founder of The Sweet Beet

I think when we first decide to cut ties with the 9 to 5, we do so with no idea about how the future will pan out. And this is part of what makes entrepreneurship so exciting, liberating and fulfilling. However, I think it’s safe to say that many of us are not prepared for how lonely the journey can be and how challenging it can become when our passion for our business starts to affect our personal life and well-being.

Of any of you that saw my little talk during Newcastle Start Up Week, I touched on how entrepreneurship has a side of vulnerability. Your putting your hard work, ideas and plans out into the world and regardless of how amazing your product or service is – it’s a really scary process and you will not always receive the kind of response you might be expecting.

But instead of looking at how we can push that fear aside or hide it way – I want to try and empower you guys and others to embrace the worries, insecurities and doubt and learn how to use that energy for positive results.

And a big part of that is pretty simple actually. It’s the kind of lesson that transcends beyond your business, further than your day to day and forces you to come to terms with something many of us never do. Learning to accept yourself. Ideally, mastering the art of loving who you are.

Celebrating the success we do achieve, reflecting on the failures in order to learn from them and having an intrinsic knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses is one of the most powerful tools you can access.

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